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There Are Two PS3 forums

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This is a continuation of my last thread, since I don't think it should have been locked.

"One would be for the Vita version, the other for the PS3 version, so combining wouldn't really be a good idea."

That is not what I meant at all. Maybe I didn't explain myself clearly enough. I've actually just looked at the list of PS Vita games in the forums and found out there are also two sub-forums for this game there as well, so there are actually four sub-forums for this game. Look at these lists, and you will see Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed come up twice. One list is for PS Vita games, the other for PS3 games.



On the main site, the PS Vita version does at least link to the correct forum, but for the PS3 version it doesn't... it just links to an empty forum with no posts (take a look, and you'll see what I mean: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1742-Sonic-and-All-Stars-Racing-Transformed). So, just to make myself really clear... I am not saying combine the PS3 and PS Vita version... I am suggesting that this sub-forum be combined with the other empty PS3 one so that on the main site this game links to this forum rather than one that's completely empty.

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Yeah, there should only be 1 in each because each platform only has 1 trophy list for the game.


The confusion might have been because you called them threads which are just topics. It's the actual forums for the game that need to be combined, or just the empty ones hidden really. 

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Well in all honesty after looking at your other topic you did mention "one with no posts" which should have been a clue that you weren't talking about topics, plus the link you included too. No big deal though on the mod's part of course, we're all human after all. Good catch too.

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