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Chapter 7 Boss Help [Spoilers]


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It seems Eidos hasn't learnt a thing from Deus Ex HR's boss fights, thief's are just as shit. A small circular arena with a huge ♥ placed in the centre, spamming his infinite explosive missiles. I wish I could spam Explosive arrows back, but alas, I'm on my Custom Master difficulty playthrough, with no upgrades, and a forced checkpoint restart after every alert or teeny tiny bit of damage taken.


Leading up to the fight, I have nothing, no special arrows. I've found one water arrow in the arena but that's it. To leave the arena without killing the boss, I need to turn two valves and then pick a door with a million locks. All the while this guys spamming explosive arrows like a madman, and if I take a tiny bit of shrapnel to my little toe it's back to square one. I don't know how the explosive arrows aren't destroying the lamp stands, instead they just light them up, meaning I get spotted instantly if I stand in the illuminated space. 


So here's how far I can get. I turn valve one, and make my way over to valve two. I use the single water arrow to turn off the light next to valve two, and then turn it. Now I carefully make my way over to the door. The torch pyre next to it is lit, and I can't turn it off due to not having any water arrows. I pick the lock, and manage to get two circle parts out of five unlocked. Now before I can continue I get a bolt of fiery hell shot up my butt, exploding me from the inside. Back to square one. 


Any help? This whole game is pretty underwhelming honestly, I'm just trying to finish it at this point.

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Master Custom difficulty has a lot of bugs and glitches and really put a damper on my enjoyment. You can't fail a single lock pick or the boss will immediately know you're there. Can't you go to valve #2 first, turn it, turn valve #1 and use the water arrow for the door. Try to pick up a bottle and throw it on the opposite direction before picking the lock.


I believe there are some arrows on the table or crates.

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Uh, I remember that one. Played it on custom-master (no kills etc) - was stuck there for about an hour I think. As soon as you have figured out a good strategy to extinguish the lights and turn the valves (youtube has good videos, I took some advice from there, too) it is important, that you don't make any noise while picking the lock. He doesn't see you there, but if you fail one time, he will hear and shoot you..

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unfortunately if u are going for stealth water arrows are a must for this boss, from what i can remember there are a few dotted around the arena but not many, persistence is going to play a big part in getting this done as the bosses movements are quite sporadic.  

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