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Not new to the site but new to the forums (kinda) :D


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Hey! :) I'm Shakil Rahman and I like games (mainly the reason I am here you would think). Just had a proper look at the forums for a first time and found out there was an introduction thread which is pretty neat for a community to have to be honest  :D

I'll begin by telling a bit about my personal self and then my gaming interests.

Age: 18
Gender: Male :P
Nationality: Irish


Hobbies: Engineering, problem solving, roleplaying, anime, manga, Lego, Yu-Gi-Oh, Gaming, eating, ice cream etc. :rolleyes:


Gaming preferences/likes: I got a PS3 less than a year ago and due to university and visiting family abroad for 2 months, I only have been actually playing it for 7 months give or take. Initially, I didn't give an absolute hoot about trophies, I didn't even pay any notice to them until I went into my trophy collection and saw things like "13%", "56%" , "34%" and almost had a nervous breakdown. Seeing that on my games made me frustrated, I am a completionist at heart, trophies or not, Playstation or not so I vowed to clean up my list to perfection. It started with the Kingdom Hearts series and Rachet and Clank but before long I realised I was becoming addicted to 100% and Platinuming games.

I only have 20 at the moment but after my final 1st year exam tomorrow (Calculus and Linear Algebra for Engineers) I plan on getting back into some trophy hunting with some longer games such as Hyperdimension Neptunia Trilogy for the PS3, Dragon Age: Inquisition and of course, Final Fantasy X and X-2  :P


Feel free to message and chat with me I am always friendly and up for the chat, we can discuss interests varying from games,anime, manga, general hobbies or whatever! I tend not to care :)

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Welcome, nice intro!

I love how you separated Yu-gi-oh and anime! (Or do you mean cards?). Also, your studying to be an engineer? That's pretty cool. I was going to go into engineering but I realized that I didn't like calculus so much (I was even pretty good at it, but it was too intense for me!).

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I did not care much for trophies, either. Though at one point I had taken note of a few friends of mine having obtained some Platinum trophies, so I dedicated to getting them myself for a short time. You can tell by my profile (that is Private, so good luck; have fun) that I never went too far.


Anyways, I welcome you here. I do hope you enjoy your stay as a fellow fgt gamer. *hands flag of Trophy-dom*

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Thanks everyone :) and yea I was referring mostly to the card game rather than the anime :P sorry about that and yep! Studying Civil and Environmental Engineering, got a big calculus and linear algebra test coming up so hopefully that goes down well!
@Gotakibono Dia duit! ;) haha  :P  I'm from Cork in Ireland :)

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