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Level Boosting without DLC glitch?


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Not sure if this ever happened to anyone, or heard of it happening, but it was very odd. 


Last trophy I needed to Platinum Borderlands for PS3 was to hit level 50. I teamed up with a couple friends that were higher levels to boost it. I didn't have "DLC: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx", But after killing the Vault Boss a few times, I finally hit level 50, got my trophy, few seconds later, Platinum popped, and then a few seconds later, the "Ding! Overleveled" trophy, from a dlc I don't even have, popped up. 


I know the friends have the DLC's, and thought it was odd too. 


Anyone else encounter this, or seen it happen? I was going to skip on the Borderlands DLC's, but, might as well get them now since it somehow registered one of the trophies. 

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I know this was a couple months ago, but meh.


A game patch upped the level cap by 8 levels.  It came out after the DLC that overleveled you from 50 to 61.  The point of it was to allow you to get up to 69, but for those who didn't have the DLC, the new cap was 58.  The trophies were probably done in the same way that LBP did when they added content that if you joined a friend you could access, and therefore get the trophies as there was no check for DLC ownership.  The trophies only check to see if you completed what is needed for the trophy, so I guess there ya go.  As the hard cap was 50 for anyone who didn't own the DLC before this patch went out, it was probably just an oversight.  Maybe their testers missed it or maybe it was a free patch and production just shit it out there and didn't care about the 'free' trophy.  Seems more likely.


Here's the first article I found of it - http://kotaku.com/5630722/borderlands-level-cap-going-up-for-free


Honestly, if you haven't already, I'd recommend borrowing the GOTY disc from someone, install the DLC, and play it.  Everything but Moxxi's Underdome is awesome, and totally worth playing, especially the 4th DLC.  I've played this game all the way through on both 360 and PS3, and can only hope they release it again on PS4 like they did with 2 and the PS.

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