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holy sh*t last level?


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I tried about 50 times now but apart from having to defeat 2 or 3 bosses with rusty axes on 10 starting HP I have not been able to do much but die, i never got a weapon, when i had gold the guy took my gold away, i lost maximum lives constantly, the enemy packs have been brutal (2 bosses small area, 2 bosses with lots of traps) etc, i really like this game and i did have to re-try some levels 2 or 3 times but the last level just seems compeltely broken, anyone else had this? i guess i will take a break try again tonight but this level hasnt been fun so far


Edit: Just tried another 10 times, the difficulty spike from the other levels is insane, the guy takes away my food, live, gold on random and curses me all the time, there seems to be no strategy in the last level, really loved the game but this last level is just cheesy as hell, hope the creator fixes it. I did all the right choices and died cuz I had 40HP cuz the guy kept reducing my max hp because he liked to do that, no triggers from my side

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Well i found a way, you quickly turn of the system every time something shity happens and the auto save will take you to the moment before, copy the autosave on a USB drive just before you reach the boss with enough health and a normal weapon and then you can retry as many times as you want without the frustrating last 2 levels. Still takes a while tough

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