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Leveling glitch?


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I noticed while I was reaching lvl 25 that if you die, you are always only 1 point away from the next level. So if you completed a mission and leveled up, and are >1 points away from your next level, you can start a new game, die, and only be one point away.

Is this a glitch or a hidden mechanic I didn't figure out? :hmm:


Also, for Vita players, you can make the world stay the same forever. As long as you don't close the game, (by going to the Vita menu and closing it there) the world will always be the same. This will help if you find a map you like but don't have time to master.

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The same glitch happened to me, was playing it on the PS4. It's strange because there was probably some stupid missions to complete but thanks to the glitch, there was pretty much no need to get them all done.


Will it be patched? I doubt it. I wonder if the same glitch exists on the Steam version of the game?

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I thought this only happened to me but I guess not. I leveled extremely fast thanks to this glitch once I reached about level 15. Strange, but a bit relieved as some of the challenges were rather ridiculous. :P I played on PS4. But that never changing world glitch you mentioned is even more strange. 

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This happened to me I think once or twice when I was getting close, at least it did from Level 22-24. It's probably a glitch, though I'm not complaining or anything. Not as bad as Get Off My Lawn! with how glitchy those trophies are meaning you can get some of them well before you're supposed to.

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