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It's a strange world we live in


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The Last of Us or Fallout 3 because it would be fun to see how many minutes I would survive on those situations. Probably two.


^^This, although I hope I'll survive just a tad bit longer :S


Or being part of a rebelion in a world like New Eden (Mirror's Edge) or Neo Paris (Remember Me) would be pretty awesome.


Or SAO !

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Tropico 5. But I would insist on retaining my role as El Presidente!

Being any other role in Tropico's world would be hell!

I think living in Skyrim's world would be great, not that I like the game. The cities are so small everyone knows each other by name, women will marry you if you wear a necklace and get them a mammoth tusk, and you can offload all your tasks onto adventurers, trading a 'magic ice enhanced' butter knife.

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Not necessarily. I allow open democracy and personal freedom on my islands! ;)


Need to try an iron fisted dictatorship at some point though. Maybe I'll start a new sand-box over the weekend...

Ah, In my world everyone's never happy, too much food and the environmentalists get angry, too much trade and the nationalists get angry. I'm always on the verge of saying Fuck it, I'll make it a totalitarian regime ^^.

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You can call me crazy, but I love "The Last of Us" so much, that sometimes I wish that world was real. I could just hope to be able to survive long enough to see all the beauty of that abandoned world, that fascinates me so much.  :wub:




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Probably Pokemon.  Choosing a world like Uncharted just means I'll live there, doesn't necessarily mean I'll be any different to I am now.


But if I lived in Pokemon, I could easily go and catch beasties and fight them against others.  Always wanted to have own little Charmander to follow me around, toasting marshmallows on his tail for me at a moments notice, and reheating my tea should it get a little cold.


I'd call him Ashley.

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Gotta be Child of Light,

Its all so beautiful and bright.

I'd have a wonderful time,

Talking to animals in rhyme.


This is really just long shot,


but I was called jackass a lot.


And I don't mind to talk in rhyme, 


I'm sorry for slow response time.



When I think about it I do mind to talk in rhyme, but that was epic on your end  man. Thanks for that reply. lmao xD

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