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Hi guys I'm Pese from Italy and I've been on this website for almost a year but I see the "Introductions section" just now. My nickname is from my surname "Pesenti". As an Italian I'm addicted to football and I support Milan but my favorite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo. I'm also a car fanatic and my favorite car is without doubt the Ford Mustang Eleanor. Let's talk about gaming! My favorite genre is Open world and my favorite are NFS Most Wanted(PS2), GTA San Andreas, GTA V and Far Cry 3. I started my trophy hunting journey on October 2014 but I've got my first platinum on March 2014. I still play on my ps3 fat. Between platinums I take a break and I play FIFA, GTA V and Minecraft(PC and PS3). I consider my self as one of the best players around the world of these 3 games with over 1000hours of total time spend on each. If you need help with any trophy on Minecraft add me because I have a dedicated world for trophies :) If you have any questions please don't hesitate! Bye bye:)

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What is your favorite games, genres, and series (it's ok to say fifa, gta, and minecraft)?

My favorite game is probably Splinter Cell double agent because of the good times with my brother. My favorite genres are Open World, racing and football games. My favorite series as to be Need For Speed or GTA even if my most played series is probably FIFA mainly because of my IRL passion for football and not for the game itself lol
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