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Badlands GOTY Coming 27 May


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Hello all


Another artsy-fartsy indie coming your way in under 10 days time.


It's a remake of the fantastic iOS game, redesigned for DualShock controls and a PS release. 



Personally, I'm hyped. I've already played the iOS version which is beautiful and great fun.


In terms of gameplay, you control a little black clone who flies through the level in an attempt to reach the end. You will need to collect various power ups to make it past the obstacles in your way. You may, for instance, need to become sticky, bouncy, spin, grow, shrink, change shape, speed up, slow down or multiply, and this list is not exhaustive.


It comes with a plat (which I predict will be quite rare as the iOS version includes a number of quite difficult challenges), which does include some MP trophies. While these are local co-op the devs say that their QA testers have been able to unlock the plat playing solo through the co-op levels and just letting the 2nd player die.


Anyway, take a look at the trailer above and, if it piques your interest, give it a look on 27 May. Apparently there will be a 10% launch week discount, which increases to 20% for + subscribers.

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What game of the year awards did it win though?


Wikipedia says it won the App Store's 2013 iPad Game of the Year award. Regardless, wouldn't have been the first game to get a Game of the Year edition without ever being named GOTY by any major website since Two Worlds II came out with such a edition :P

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Wow, where did you dig up this corpse?


Anyway, I played the game on PS4 a while ago and while the idea was appealing, I found the execution lacking. I'm fine with tough games but part of that must be responsive controls (like in Super Meat Boy). Too often in Badlands, I found that my game over was through no fault of my own but through glitches, poor level design or unresponsive controls.

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