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Test of Faith?


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This is probably an stupid question, but I prefer to be sure, I started the game on easy in order to get this trophy... I didnt complete the Tutorial, I just start from the Intro, I am on chapter 3, and then I realized that I miss the trophy of the Tutorial, so I replay the level, and then I continue my save data, Does this affect the trophy?

Damn I shot an enemy, WHAT CAN I DO?

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There's no need to worry really, you'll have to play the game a lot in order to get the Plat, so even if you don't get the trophie just keep playing, once you finish the speedrun trophies you'll be able to fly trough the game in way less than 2 hours, so even if you don't get this trophie at the end it won't be much of a loss.

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