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Yoru no Nai Kuni ( A Land Without Night )


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I put the english translation of the title hopefully that stops people being upset.

xD I'm not really upset, Didn't even expect a sequel of Ni No Kuni to start with :P


But, thanks Superbuu for informing us.

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More like Yuri no Hai Kuni according to new info :awesome:

Considering it's a Gust game, I feel that localization can eventually be done.

Though, it will probably depend on how deep will the yuri subtones be =D




I may be one of the few people who's glad this isn't Ni No Kuni 2.


Though, in my case, I don't even want Ni no Kuni 2. The game is fantastic as it is.

I have no problems with new LEVEL 5 games on the same principle, but not as sequel to Ni no Kuni.

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So no Vita version for the west. I didn't think that putting the same exact translation on different console was so financially draining it would force them to cut it.




EDT: It seems that KE EU is trying to push Vita version through. More info should come tomorrow on TGS.



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Well, it's because localization starts in US, if EU could have a say, we would have more Vita releases (as KT EU confirms)


While it's good to be positive and KT EU has fairly good communication at least at Twitter, companies tend to say this just shut everyone who complains up.

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Okay, they for some reason decided that renaming would be a good idea...

So far only NA is released so we in EU still can hope for Vita version.


Good to know that, Nights of Azure is releasing on April 1, 2016 (Hope it will have a nice LE in EU)

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