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Darksiders 2 Black screen


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Can someone help me? I'm playing Darksiders 2 digital version and everything was going fine but now after I defeated the Wailing Host, the Crowfather told me to go to the Tree of Death, but when I go there i take some few steps and then the screen turns black, the music still plays, I can hear Death moving when I move him, I have the mini-map in the screen and the game itself just fade to blackness, does someone know what's wrong and how I can fix this? Thanks.


PS: Problem solved, the game glitched and when I was fighting the Wailing Host and I removed his mask, the game let me go talk to the Crowfather but I didn't defeated the Wailing Host so I went back there (with a mission still saying to defeat him) and defeated him and this time for good (and I have a trophy for it ;)) so now when I go to the Tree of Death there is Crowfather and everything is back to normal, thanks anyway.

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