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How to make games not show up in your list


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This is probably a thing most people here know, and I'm sorry if this topic already exists, as I could not find it.

What would I have to do if I wanted to play a game without it showing up in my profile? I often try games and end up not liking it at all, so theres an ugly 1% on my profile. I heard something about starting the game on a secondary account but I don't really know how that works. I would appreciate short instructions or a link.

Many thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the reply.

Can I also do this on PS4? And if I get trophies on my secondary account will they pop on my main one when I start the game there?


I think you can do it on PS4. Try pressing Options. 


The accounts will earn trophies independently of one another.

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Theres so many games id like to just play but then looking at their respective trophy lists and im like damn no way. Itd be nice if when the game asks if you want to enable auto-save to the cloud if it would also ask if you want to disable trophies for the particular game. 

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You can hide trophies on ps4 by pressing the options button (you can delete lists at % there too).


Also, making a secondary account (or in the ps4 case playing as a guest, I think) will allow you to test games without unlocking trophies on your main account.


I have been doing it for a long time, but there's still a few games that I would rather not have in my list, but personally I'm against hiding trophies.. (and finely got rid of trash panic list!!)

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