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How does thing thing work


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Oh yeah!, Well here goes nothing ahem.


I've been on this site for well over a year but mostly stuck to the chat the first few months I was here, then sort of left for 6 months, then started using the forums the past 4 or 5 months so I guess I'm relatively new so I felt I should introduce myself.


I'm an audiophile in every aspect of the word, I generally listen to or give anything a listen although I can be pretty opinionated and at times nitpicky. Some of my favorite genres are atmospheric black metal (Not much a fan of the newer wave of American atmospheric black metal that's been coming out although I do like a few bands such as Panopticon, some of Agallochs stuff, and Botanist), death metal, progressive/experimental, art pop, baroque pop, indie rock, chillstep, retro-synth, DnB,  and hip-hop among others.  I'm always open to exploring new music and finding the latest gems, so shoot me a pm if you know any obscure or interesting stuff!!


I've also been gaming most of my life with some of my earlier experiences being Final Fantasy and GTA, which oddly enough are two of my favorite Ips to this day, and also resemble my two favorite genres as well, JRPGS and sandbox open world games. Some of my other favorite franchises are SMT, Yakuza, Danganronpa, Mass Effect among many others.


I'm also a pretty nice guy that's pretty open minded and also likes to have open debates about interesting topics without them becoming flame wars, and that's pretty much it..Enjoy!!


How Does This Thing Work*, not Thing Thing :facepalm:

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