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I can't login on laptop.

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For a few days I have not been able to login. When I put my username and password in it ask for a im not a robot checkbox. When i click the checkbox it just loads for a long time and doesnt let me login. So I havent been able to do anything from my laptop. Also I am using my phone to make this post.

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Oh I didnt think of that. How would I disable that.


Try to log in in private/incognito mode on your internet browser. If that works, then that means it's one of your plugins messing with you being able to log-in non-private browsing mode


If you're using Chrome you can disable plugins/extensions by pressing the "hamburger"/menu button at the top-right, going to "more tools", then choose "extensions". From there you can enable and disable your extensions and see which one is messing the log-in up.


If you're using Firefox or Internet Explorer, their plugin/extension settings are also located in their settings areas

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Care to elaborate more on your setup?

Since Mango's post apparently helped may I presume you use Chrome?


If so, Ad-Block shouldn't be a problem. I'm myself on university computer where I synchronized my account (including Ad-Block) and could log in without problems (well, ignoring the fact I cannot recognize pizza :awesome:)



Internet Explorer and Safari probably have something too, but I would suggest avoiding them. They aren't modern browsers.

Here, fixed that for you =D

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