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What game do you think has the best dialogue?


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Nier has some great lines.

Kainé: Are you guys serious? I'd be happy as a pig in shit if someone gave me something for free.
Weiss: I'm sure the world would be a great deal simpler if nothing but Kainés inhabited it.

Kainé: I'll pretend that was a complement.

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I love The Last of Us dialogue, the beauty of the game, for me, is all the conversations Ellie and Joel have in the entire game. The Borderlands series has awesome dialogues too, I think I'm a fan of the games because of the humour the game has and a big part of it are the dialogues. 

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Deadly Premonitions, this game is pretty top notch. The one liners are too awesome to explain. Mayus can tell you more. Also the sandwich that was in the game tastes so delicious. 

I have been called out :o


Anyways DP has some awesome lines, if you like the cheesiness of it, it is a take off of the show Twin Peaks. here is the scene that Zero is talking about



For me I would have to give credit to Persona 4. This game is like 90% conversation and it is one of the few games that actually gets you interested in the characters through dialog and it sounds like conversations teenagers could be having (not the supernatural stuff, but the day to day high school stuff).

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