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Jaws of Hakkon cross buy

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Today, BioWare announced, if you buy Jaws of Hakkon for PS3, you can get the PS4 version for no additional cost. However, if you buy it for PS4, you don't get the PS3 version free:

Jaws of Hakkon cross buy program-BioWare

I'm not sure if it's North America only or not. Saw this linked on their Facebook page.

It also applies for the EU store. JoH DLC is finally available and for €15 I can also get the PS4 version.

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I didn't want to create a new topic for the question I have, and I noted that this topic is about the DLC so; I wanted to know if the Jaws of Hakkon still available for download for PS3? 

Decided to play over Inquisition to go for the platinum and 100% completion. 

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I also bought the PS4 Version (bundle with Mass Effect Andromeda) first and for PS3 the physical version on Disk later. However I was able to find and download the DLCs in the PS3 Store as described, haven't checked that lately though. 

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