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Different categories of gamers in Gaming Sessions

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To add to this, I would like to add some stuff I think might improve your original idea (feel free to disagree):


backups can join even if the session is private or friends only.

backups can only be seen by the host.

different groups have different collors on either right side list and/or GS text chat (below) so it's easier to distinguish one from another.


Will edit as I think more about it.

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How about No-shows (or hours late)? I find that to be a common type gamer in these sessions...and the main reason I generally don't join them. No feedback means people can do whatever the heck they want without consequence...such as warning to future sessions they join. Well, that's a whole different thing I suppose...lol

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I definitely agree with having a backup list, I recently was part of a Last of Us boosting session along with an AC Revelations boosting sessions and in both sessions we all had to do this backup player thing via the comments and other weird things like that just in case people didn't show up to the session.
I previously had damon8r's forum post linked in the Ultimate Gaming Sessions Wishlist, but changed it to this one because it explains it a little better  :P

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