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Is the assassin's creed series worth playing and 100% ?


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I'v been thinking for some time now weather or not to do all assassins creed titles, to add to my trophy collection ( Building up ) I'm looking for something to push me or pull me to do so, and whether there is people willing to help so and how dead and hard the multiplayer trophies are. any suggestions?


If i do one I would like to do them all.

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I've pretty much 100%ed the ezio games (exl multiplayer), and they're all straightforward completions, though I had to leave my ps3 on a few times to get money for those Damn books in ACR.

AC3 is a BS collectable-fest. Everything you do in that game always has a /1000 on the end, and it's incredibly Grindy.

Ac IV and Rogue are the easier ones, Unity is average difficuty, and Chronicles:China is completely different but still pretty simple.

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I'd definitely play the series in order ^-^

AC II to AC Revelations is all about the assassin Ezio, but the next game (AC III) finishes the present day storyline about Desmond Miles that started in II. AC IV Black Flag goes into the past before AC III and will give just a little backstory on it. AC Rogue is in between IV and III and goes further with more backstory on III. AC Unity is connected to Rogue purely only by the end of Rogue's story, which happens to be only a little connection.

So in a way, every game is connected to one another, whether it being the assassin storylines or the present day storyline. If you're the type to enjoy the story of a series, then I'd highly recommend you do play all xD

Only problems MP wise would be the shitty servers of Brotherhood and the fact that you need an online pass for Revelations' multiplayer. Every other games multiplayer is easily (but can be long) boostable.

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Well, if you are really interested in the story, you should start with AC I. No trophies in that but it starts the story with Altair, who is constantly referenced in the later series. If you like the gameplay, continue the series. If you don't, no harm done bc there's no unearned trophies on your profile.

All the platinums can still be achieved as all the multiplayer servers are still up. Brotherhood is the hardest to plat bc of the mp, but boosting sessions on this site make it achievable. Mp trophy list gets easier with each game following Brotherhood.

I've completed seven AC games, enjoyed the series very much and each game has its own nuances. Good luck!

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From my experiences I did not regret starting the series from the beginning on my 360. Don't expect much from the gameplay when it comes to the older games though (AC I till Revelations) but the story itself is very engaging and enjoyable, especially Ezio's storyline. From my experiences with the series though, multiplayer should have never even touched AC, not only it's boring and dull, the trophies are annoying and grindy when it comes to the older games (mostly Brotherhood and Revelations). 


All in all, yes you should definitely start the series and the older games will be a breeze to find and are really cheap, pre-owned and new.

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