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Slayer points not stacking ?

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When I got to faction power where it shows unreported SP. If I enter a mission and get 10 sp, do another mission and get 20 SP. It's gonna say I have 20 unreported sp instead of 30. So everytime I get SP from a mission I've been going back to log in the unreported SP but there has to be a way to stack this somehow because how did this guy for example have 11 000 unreported SP.


If I had 11 000 and gained 10 from a new mission it would overwrite it and show me 10 instead of 11 010.



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The number of unregistered points you see after finishing the pact is the overall you have.

You are at the beginning, you probably aren't getting 20 SP per archfiend.

*1-5 = 5 pt for each archfiend
*6-10 = 10 for each archifend
>*11 = 20 for each archfiend

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