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Season Pass Worth it?

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If you like DBZ than yeah it is 100% worth it. I still haven't played around with DLC pack 3, I don't even know if it is out, because I am playing some other games right now but DLC pack 2 was really cool. Awesome characters, awesome costumes and parallel quests. For 10$ you could ask for little more! The first one wasn't as good but if you pay 5$ less with a season pass you would not care. And DLC pack 3 looks to be even better than DLC pack 2. 
in short, i think it is worth it!

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You get Tien as new mentor, he teaches you skill that makes kamehameha useless against you. According to my friend angry messages you get after pvp claiming you're cheating hack as kamehameha spam doesn't work on you is worth the season pass alone.

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