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Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I & II Coming West

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Ah, bad me... didn't see the thread so made one, let's get the discussion underway anyways! :D



Exactly why I'm interested in this game. Does anyone know if I need to have prior knowledge of the franchise to understand what's going on?

I'm... how to say it. You probably should but unless you invest into Japanese version (though, you can get it on PSP so... in a way for free =D), you won't be able to... =D

Sen is parallel to Zero + Ao and 3 months after my beloved TiTS (3rd chapter to be exact). So if you know few things how Zero and Ao work it definitely helps.

As for the localized installments, it's pretty bad...

Kiseki, or in localized way, Trails series has 7 installments. (Brackets are the their localized names).

1) Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky) - localized

2) Sora no Kiseki SC (Trails in the Sky Second Chapter) - being in localization process for 2-3 years

3) Sora no Kiseki The 3rd (Trails in the Sky Third Chapter) - XSEED confirmed rights to localize, localization not started due to work on SC

3 months of timeskip

4) Zero no Kiseki - no localization planned

5) Ao no Kiseki - no localization planned

In the same time frame

6) Sen no Kiseki I (Trails of Cold Steel) - localization in 2015

7) Sen no Kiseki II (Trails of Cold Steel II) - localization after Sen I


Important to note is that even though Zero and Ao were both starting on PSP, their enhanced Vita ports were already released Zero 2 years ago and Ao one year ago.

So if XSEED planned to localize, they would announce it before Sen. So there's most likely no point in waiting for localization.

If you want complete experience, definitely pick up the games in Japanese, otherwise, just play the game without them ;)

On the other hand, I would STRONGLY suggest giving TiTS FC a chance for a few reason.

a) It's a perfect way how to get into the series as a whole.

B) Some characters from TiTS are in Sen

c) Getting at least a glimpse of the complete story. 3 months of in-game time isn't that big to forget about everyone of the Sora series =)


I'm still waiting for Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC: I mean I've been waiting to see what happens to Estelle and Joshua....

Not to mention waiting for the 3rd one =D

It... SHOULD be this year... but we've heard of that before...

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I'm sorry for double posting, but it's informative, so it works, right? :P



4) Zero no Kiseki - no localization planned

5) Ao no Kiseki - no localization planned

To Zero and Ao:


Aren’t there a few games that come before Trails of Cold Steel? What’s up with that?
Let’s get this out of the way: I am absolutely thrilled we’re continuing the Trails series in the West. It quickly became one of my favorite series along with Ys, and I absorb all information relating to it much like how a northern clingfish clings to rocks. Look up northern clingfish videos, by the way; they’re really cool.
When Falcom approached us with interest in seeing the game localized (and yes, they came to us), I naturally was all for it. But like most fans, I worried because of the two games that preceded it—Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki (which I will henceforth be calling Trails to Zero and Trails to Azure, though those should not be considered final or official names)—because they have some events in them that seem to tie in with Cold Steel directly. Is it okay to publish the series out of “order”? If we do take on Cold Steel, will people be missing out on some critical information by not playing Zero and Azure first?
I was fortunate enough to be able to express this worry in person to the president of Falcom, Toshihiro Kondo; I was also just as relieved by his response. Immediately, he responded: “Actually, this is kind of intentional. We wanted Cold Steel and Zero/Azure to be playable in any order because we noticed that, withCold Steel, the demographic suddenly became younger. Many new fans of the series were going back to the old games.”
Essentially, their goal for Cold Steel was not only to continue developing the incredibly deep lore behind the Zemurian continent, but to do it in such a way that would both please longtime fans and help new fans feel right at home. Rest easy knowing that you can canonically play Cold Steel before Zero/Azure—you’ll simply be getting a different perspective on events, seeing things in an order that differs from what Japanese players experienced, but is still confirmed by one of the Trails creators to be A-OK and even pretty much as intended.
And, hey, while I’m all about encouraging people to play Trails in the Sky first, you could start with Trails of Cold Steel and then go back to the Sky series if you so desired; you’d just be enjoying a whole different set of Easter eggs. I absolutely adore the ridiculous amounts of detail this series manages to put out without completely shutting out a curious new audience at the same time, and apparently Falcom does, too.

Even if the games can be played in a different order, why didn’t you work on Trails to Zero and Trails to Azure first? Why “skip ahead” at all?
The simple answer is this: Zero and Azure started as PSP games and by the time we would have finished both of them, the PSP will have long been dead as a viable platform. Even though we’re working on Trails in the Sky SC for PSP now, all the effort going into its PSP launch is a labor of love, not profit.
However, there does exist a Japanese PC port of Trails to Zero and a Chinese PC port of Trails to Azure. This means that, theoretically, we could go back to the duology at any time if the series remains successful, since Trails in the Sky has found new life on PC in the west. PC love won’t be falling out of fashion any time soon.
Trails of Cold Steel is only for PS3 and PS Vita, however. With the PS4 already taking the world by storm, the PS3 is slowly falling out of favor, meaning we have a very limited window to get it out and still justify it as a smart business move—especially since we have Cold Steel’s direct sequel to consider. That’s the main reason we opted to move forward with Cold Steel’s localization even before we knew the series was intended to be played in any order.
In short, what all of this means is that the chances of Trails to Zero and Trails to Azure getting released here are not, uh, zero. Just keep supporting the series, and let’s see what happens together!


Something for my comrade in waiting =D


I'm still waiting for Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC: I mean I've been waiting to see what happens to Estelle and Joshua....

You guys are still working on Trails in the Sky Second Chapter, right? Will it be out before Cold Steel? What about the last game in the trilogy, Trails in the Sky 3rd?
Yes, we are still in QA for Trails in the Sky SC for PSP (PS Vita/Vita TV compatible) and PC. And yes, it will also be out before Cold Steel, so you will be able to thoroughly enjoy the conclusion to Estelle and Liberl’s story before Cold Steel’s launch.
I say “conclusion” because, while 3rd is related to content within FC and SC, the overarching story fans were introduced to from the first game will indeed be concluded with SC, satisfactory ending and all.3rd serves as something of an intriguing offshoot from the series and stars a beloved character introduced inSC: one Kevin Graham. Rather than take on the grand scale of FC and SC, it dives even deeper into character development and series lore, with said lore dipping its fingers into every game in the series in some way, shape, or form. Needless to say, I would be thrilled to work on it, and have made my opinion very much heard in the office. Ha ha.
While far, far, FAR from confirmed, I will personally continue to push for 3rd and hope that fans will back me up by buying the hell out of SC. Please. Seriously. Buy it. I’m not even going to try hiding how desperate I am here. I want us to keep working on this series forever.


Something about Sen II

We’ve been waiting a long time for Trails in the Sky Second Chapter. What’s the status of that? And what’s the localization status on Cold Steel? What about “Cold Steel II”?
We know you’ve been waiting for SC. Boy, do we know! And in hindsight, we wish we could’ve scheduled its localization a lot better, because at this point we want it out the door just as much as you (ha ha). I’m currently working together with Trails in the Sky FC & SC editor Jessica Chavez to clean things up and make sure it’s as polished as can be within our crazily hectic schedule. In fact, we’re working 100% in tandem with some of the series’ biggest fans to ensure that every fact is checked and every piece of foreshadowing is correctly shadowed, and just in general taking every step we can to ensure even our biggest critics are pleased with the final product. So far, I could not be happier with the feedback we’ve received.
That being said, we know the series has had something of a rocky start in the West in terms of scheduling, and it’s stressed us out as much as it would anyone. We’ve even joked about it by dubbing these delays and surprises the “Curse of Kiseki,” which has a particularly hilarious acronym when also paired with Trails in the Sky’s now-infamous acronym.
Aaanyway, we’ve learned a hell of a lot over the years, so this time, we didn’t want to jump the gun on announcing Trails of Cold Steel too early (and we didn’t, because the translation process started a year and a half ago!). As of this writing, not only is Trails of Cold Steel fully, 100% translated, we’re reaching the final stages of editing as well and will very soon be recording a whopping 10,000~ voiced lines for the game. You may remember Nick from his sublime work in STORY OF SEASONS; he, together with the newest addition to the XSEED team, Kris, are working together to bring you one sensational experience.
…Oh, and Trails of Cold Steel II in already in the process of being translated, so don’t you worry your silky little heads none.


And something that will definitely please all of us (even though we pretty much expected it due to immense basedness of XSEED)

•        Will Trails of Cold Steel I and II see physical releases, or will they be digital-only like Trails in the Sky SC?
I’m pleased to say that both Cold Steel I and II are confirmed for physical and digital launches on PS3 and PS Vita.
 There’s still plenty of work to be done, and I’m almost certain this blog won’t answer everything, but I hope it clears up the biggest mysteries surrounding this series. The world of Trails is wonderful and full of life, and I hope fans will continue to support it in the West for years to come.
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How difficult are the trophies? I'm new to the series also, so is it fun?

Fun? It's more than fun. :D TiTS FC is one of the best JRPGs on PSP.


OMG!! Thanks Satoshi for the long post. I admit I sped read until I got to Trails in the Sky SC. And.........

If it's Kiseki series, everything must be correctly presented =D

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Dub only confirmed. This is why I usually don't count on localizations. And still skeptical over the name "Cold Steel" since Sen fits Rean's image completely if you ask me since he uses a tachi and all of his attacks are swift and gives off that "flash" kind of feeling. *mumble grumbles*



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Dub only confirmed. This is why I usually don't count on localizations. And still skeptical over the name "Cold Steel" since Sen fits Rean's image completely if you ask me since he uses a tachi and all of his attacks are swift and gives off that "flash" kind of feeling. *mumble grumbles*




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Personally enjoyed Sen no Kiseki a lot myself without playing much Zero or Ao (did finish Sora no Kiseki all chapters)

(Kondo himself made sure for newcomers to enjoy the plot of Sen too even though there is some conections)

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