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Favourite Stanley Kubrick Film?


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I know that this isn't really the right website for a topic like this but I was just curious, so please do not hate. If you don't know some of the films that Kubrick made here's the full list:


Fear and Desire (1953);


Killer's Kiss (1955);


The Killing (1956);


Paths of Glory (1957);


Spartacus (1960);


Lolita (1962);

Dr.Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb (1964);


2001: A Space Odyssey (1968);


A Clockwork Orange (1971) «My Favourite Kubrick film and also my 2nd most beloved film of all-time»;


Barry Lyndon (1975);


The Shining (1980) «My 2nd Favourite Kubrick film and also one of my favourite horror movies of all-time»;


Full Metal Jacket (1987);


Eyes Wide Shut (1999).


Thank you for your time :)


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Lolita, Dr. Strangelove, The Shining, and Full Metal Jacket are my 4 favourite Kubrick movies and I consider each of them to be one of my favourite movies in general. A Clockwork Orange is also a really great movie but I'd much rather watch one of the four previously mentioned.

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You're seriously going to make me choose :|


Gun to my head I am going to say Dr. Strangelove. That movie just worked on every level, George C Scott and Peter Sellers were both brilliant (as was the rest of the cast), the pacing was fantastic (so glad they got rid of the pie fight as that would have ruined the ending) and it is just an extremely well crafted film from start to finish.


-The first half of Full Metal Jacket could also be considered my favourite SK film but I feel the second half slowed it down. I am not saying the second half is bad (far from it) but the boot camp beginning is so brilliant that I feel it could have been its own film.


-2001 would be my 3rd favourite but if I was introducing someone to Stanley Kubrick I would not start with 2001. I know a lot of friends who found it boring and slow but that is the brilliance of the movie (wow I used Brilliant 3 times so far ^_^) The movie is about the vastness and loneliness of space. It is what so many horror filmmakers don't get, loud noises and pop scares are nothing without atmosphere and that is what 2001 does better than most films. The tension that you feel when you realize HAL can read their lips through the window is still an extremely creepy scene without any "horror" going on. Also the ending is so sad, SK actually made you feel bad that a computer is dying...that takes skill to do.


Finally I will end this with this awesome item my friend got me for my Bday one year. A guy was selling it at the Fringe Festival and it is a Kubrick's Cube ^_^



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I'll stick with the four favorite theme

- Paths of Glory

- Dr. Strangelove

- Barry Lyndon

- Full Metal Jacket

It's hard enough to pick four favorites from the list, impossible to rank them so the above list is not in order.

Dr. Mayus,

Totally agree with your assessment of 2001. I would just add that I doubt you could find a better movie, in any genre, that combines cinematography and score more brilliantly(!).

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