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Rune Factory - Milk Money

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Im not sure if anyone has found this easy money exploit so i thought i would post here...

If you buy milk from the restaurant for around $100 you can go make "hot milk" in the kitchen and sell them for roughly $200

Later down the road if and when you have strawberries growing on your island you can have your monsters harvest them for you to make strawberry milk... the strawberries are virtually free as you only need to keep your monsters happy and healthy... make sure they are fed...

with your strawberries, milk, and mixer... mix up some strawberry milk for roughly $400

not only will you make a ton of money but you will also be working toward the crafting trophies...

Hope this will help anyone having trouble keeping money on hand (like me when i first started)...

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There are faster method to make more money, like using a piece of oak to make cupboards, that really makes you rich

yes eventually down the line when you have purchased your house upgrades and if you have oak to harvest... i did that as well... works great...

i actually wrote the first post before i had the carpentry workshop...

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