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re-open closed servers


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I got White Knight Chronicles before I realized the servers were closed, so I'd like to try out the online on that.

I am with you on that one :).


I was going to do the plat back in 2011 with a buddy but was like "meh, later" then 2 months before the shutdown we were like "oh crap got to go for it" I gave up but he kept going. He didn't plat the game then but got far enough that he kept going at it solo.


I can say he finally got the plat last month :)

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White Knight Chronicles!


I did plat it in a race to the server closure with 3 other guys (1 of which sadly didn't plat it in time, but I think we left him with almost everything he needed to plat it).


Good times, and for some reason I kind of want to plat WKC2, but doing it fully offline, even transferring the save from WKC1 would be to hard, if possible at all.. (I have seen some new plat achievers, but I don't know how much those players did when it was online).

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