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Hello everyone as I begin my PSN Odyssey


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Hello everyone, call me Dux and I just began my account here today. For a long time, I've just been casually playing games for the heck of it. Sometimes starting them and stopping after like half an hour, I've lacked the motivation to finish many games. So I've decided in order to make it a little less lonely and a little less boring that I begin to seek out the fabled Platinum trophies. The only one I've had was for the Walking Dead which I'd admit isn't a REAL platinum, debatable I know, but it cannot be argued I bet that I have yet to experience the true feeling of mastering a game and enjoying it to its extent, the feeling of having achieved something with hard work and fun. I have played hundreds of games but I haven't mastered any. I am going to change that.

My favorite genre are RPGs such as Persona (been a fan before Golden!) And Final Fantasy, Disgaea, Star Ocean, Dragon Quest, Elder Scrolls, Fallout. As well as any other genre but RPGs are the MVPs.

Pleasure to meet you.

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Welcome to PSNP! hi-onion-head-emoticon.gif?1292862508 You definitely have some good games in your collection, you just need to get some of their trophies now. :P

I noticed the first topic you posted in was the "Epic" Star Ocean quest, you definitely have some guts if you're going to try for that first. Don't let the soul-crushing grinding dismay you.

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Don't start Star Ocean as your first. I started achievement hunting back when I had an Xbox 360 and that game made me decide hunting wasn't for me. Then I played Bully for fun and realized I could 100% it and that got me back into. Anyway, save Star Ocean if you want that platinum attained feeling. Otherwise, you won't see it for hundreds of in game hours.

Then after you got the addiction, go for it.

Oh yeah, and welcome.

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