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Alexander Raid Guides

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Just a thread explaining how to take down the Alexander Raids, now I'm not gonna be explaining the simple stuff (like avoid AOEs etc, you should all know this stuff if you got to this point of the game).  So here is my guides, I am going to keep this thread updated, any advice for classes I don't play Tank/Healer is definitely appreciated.


Fist of the Father (Floor 1 - A1)

This is the first of the Alexander Raids (Alex Raids), the first part is easy, just run on forward, don't worry too much if you take damage from the steam, there is no mobs here.

Boss 1: Faust

This isn't really a boss, it's rather easy, just attack the boss, when adds come up, the Off Tank should kite them around the stage, if you keep killing adds, more and more will spawn until the boss has enough stacks to just overpower anyone in the team, it's simple, just burn the boss, there is really next to no mechanics in this fight.


Boss 2: Oppressor

First off, one of the tanks should bring the Oppressor down to the south of the map, this is for something later on.


Phase 1
This is a rather easy phase, just attack the boss.  Healers will have to deal with preys, these are similar to Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 1's preys but much less brutal.  Eventually adds will spawn, these are called Alarums, Tanks do not deal with these, allow the DPS to attack and take them over to either a lazer beam (this is where a missile will drop and wipe the raid) or to one of the red circles on the ground if no missiles to deal with, I like using the red circles as it's better organization honestly and I have got so used to the raids in this game, knowing that patterns on the floor mean something, do not kill these near by each other and do not walk into the purple AOE they leave, this will give you the mini debuff, so you will do lower damage until out of this state, the adds will also buff themselves if not killed fast enough.


Phase 2
The Oppressor will split itself and make itself into Oppressor 0.5, for those of you who are familiar with Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 1, you'll know how this works.  If one isn't killed fast enough after the other is killed, it will wipe the raid.  So, lets say your DPS looks like this.. 2 melees, 2 ranged, you split up like this, 1 melee and 1 ranged on Oppressor and 1 melee and ranged on Oppressor 0.5.  This phrase works almost exactly the same (apart from there now being 2 oppressors) as the first phase.  The new attack you have to watch out for is when both Oppressors fly up and out of reach is the cannons, you have to run to the farthest away point from the AOEs (they will cover the floor entirely, but they work in distance, the further away from the center of the AOE you are, the safest, regardless, healers have to be ready for big heals.  Slow down DPS on an Oppressor if you feel like they may be killed too far apart, Limit Break 3 can be used on the Oppressor with most health if catch up is required.  If one is nearly dead but the other isn't (not by a wide margin btw, if one is nearly dead and the other still has half it's health, it's counted as a wipe), a DPS can move away from the group of the nearly dead one and allow the other DPS to solo it, so they can help with the other one.  Not exactly sure how much time you have to kill the other after you kill the first one, but I'll just take a guess and say you have to be fast, didn't want to experiment with this to find out.


And that's it, not a lot to this boss.


Cuff of the Father (Floor 2 - A2)

This is just really another repeat of Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 4, just a load of monsters to kill off, I don't really have too much to explain for this one apart from a few things.  Once you get to the main room, you will see 2 usable Magitek Armors, these are mainly used to drag bombs away you'll see in a group, to recharge these armors, you need to get the Red Magitek (an add that spawns), to a low enough health that it starts it's charging stance, this is to steal electricity from it and charge up your own.  It's recommended your lower DPS classes take these, while the two highest stay out and fight the mobs.  Tanks should also make sure to split the mobs to each other, no one tank should be tanking all of the adds, so split them up between tanks, bigger adds will give nasty debuffs or huge damage.  Other than that, this should be easy enough if the tanks aren't completely clueless in damage management.



Arm of the Father (Floor 3 - A3)

Before you even get to the boss in this one, you'll have to deal with some quick trash, but that's all it is, trash and nothing to it, just kill it and get to the boss.


Boss: Living Liquid

Phase 1 Human Form

Living Liquid starts off as Human Form, this boss, regardless of his form should be tanked in the middle.  During this phase some players will get a blue icon on top of their heads, I like to deal with this by going far away from the party and away from the other marked players, this is so no one is getting hit by all of the unavoidable water splashes, I'll assume going to the electric ground outside of the stage will kill you with this though, so don't try it out, don't know for sure, but I know this is how Ramuh Extreme Mode worked.


Phase 2 Hand Form
Eventually Living Liquid will change form into a Hand, this deals a lot of damage to the tank, so the healer must be prepared to do some big healing.  If the tank is tanking this in the middle, the push move the hand does should not push anyone into the electric ground outside the stage.  The hand will split into two eventually, the off tank must take the other as the both of them is way too much for a single tank to handle.  It can be done, but it is just recommended to split, this isn't like Oppressor though, players can ignore the other hand, so long as one gets killed, it will move onto the next phase.


Phase 3 Tornado Form/Adds
This phase is the most difficult of all of them, pretty much, once the hand is destroyed, players must get out of the center and stand around the stage, the boss will have a health bar, but it isn't intended for players to stand in the AOE around it, attacking it, players have to deal with the slimes and flans coming out from it, before they reach the electric ground around the stage, the slimes aren't so much of a problem if one or two reaches the electric, but a flan reaching it can easily cause a wipe, it isn't easy to recover from.  You should work on getting all adds down, each of the slimes don't really need more than 1 DPS at a time on them, a DPS can solo these easily.  Even the flans are easily soloed if they aren't too near the edge. 


There is also a new mechanic in this phase, there will be 4 different kind of tethers.

  • Red Tether: Go right to the edge of the stage, this can be transferred so be careful you do not take this if the player is in the right place.
  • + & -: Linked players stay far apart.
  • ++ or --: Linked players stay close together.

And simple as that, each phase repeats until the boss is dead, although the tethers will now be in all phases.



Burden of the Father (Floor 4 - A4)

Boss: Manipulator

Phase 1 Right Leg

Most players like to start with the right leg, but it doesn't matter which one you start with.  First of all, you do not split, since after this phase, the other leg will recover it's health, which means wasted DPS if anyone decides to DPS that one.  This phase isn't too hard, a player will get marked by a blue icon and this player will have orbs come towards them, kind of similar to Turn 13's orbs, although not linked and do not give players a debuff, tanks can deal with these and DPS if they are nearby can take 1-2 (depending on health and heals inbetween), do not rush these, they deal over 5000 damage each, also make sure not to be in the way of any, the AOE doesn't spread too far, but it is only your own fault if you die at this point because of spread damage from one of the orbs.  A tank and a DPS will be randomly quarantined as well, this means these two players go to another room, fight an add and return once the add is defeated, will catch you a bit off guard the first time since it is really random, even happens at different points, in fact, you may not even see it during this phase (note, this happens in Phase 1 and 2).  Once you have the right leg destroyed, you can fight the Manipulator for a bit (positions matter here, if you notice it has a front, so don't attack from the front, attack where you should be attacking from to deal damage).  Phase will transition with a room wide AOE, so make sure to be in the center for some quick heals before going into the next phase (each phase is like this).


Phase 2 Left Leg and Adds

This is maybe the most difficult part in Alexander yet, these adds are a pain, 3 of them will spawn, one in the North East, one in the North West and one in the South, these must be kept this way if possible, because they give a stacking debuff which will kill a player if they get 4 debuffs.  Pretty much, either tank who is out (one may be quarantined at the time), should take one, more likely the North East one as it is closest to the Left Leg, a DPS takes the North West one, and a healer can hold the South one.  The DPS one is maybe the most difficult as healers generate more aggro than DPS would, so as soon as you see adds, the DPS has to be over there grabbing it before it goes to the healer.  These adds die fast and they do not hit hard, they are a lot more threatening if allowed to stack though (stacking debuff will stack too fast, plus each player trying to DPS them, especially melees will also be hit 3 times).  That is all there is to it in this phase though, just very frustrating, but not too difficult so long as everyone is organized.  You will get about 3 waves of these adds before the leg is destroyed.  This phase also includes lasers, a player will be tethered by 3 links, this requires this player to stand still while other players take the tethers, but also stand in place (although if too near, follow the line you are on until in a safe distance, away from the tethered player, just make sure you remain linked to the tether).


Phase 3 Manipulator
This is it, you finally get to destroy the boss.  In this phase, healers are dangerous, going near to them is a definite no no and them being near each other is an even bigger no no, think of it like Ifrit Extreme, going near the healers will past you a nasty debuff.  The tank will also need to use defensive cool downs as the fight goes on as it will get more and more heavy hitting until the boss is destroyed.  The tethers remain in this phase and the orbs will come back.  Make sure to not take splash damage so spread out from each other.  There isn't a lot to this phase, it's kind of like the "Well done, you've done all the semi-difficult stuff, now time to relax" phase.  Although saying that, if you aren't careful or have healers who past their debuff to players, this phase can still be wiped on, but much easier than Phase 2.


So that's the first set of Alexander Normal Mode raids.  Nothing really that hard, although it was never intended to be hard, Normal Mode is story progression, Savage Mode which is released in 2 weeks is hardcore raid progression.


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