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ID PSN : Souls_BaKer

Country : Leeds

Description trophies : Trophies Directorate my card I imagine? Level 6 to summerize.


How I experienced the forum : Come, it is impossible for any serious player DO NOT know this board !


Type appreciated game : No matter the bottle, provided there is drunkenness! I do not have a predefined type, as long as the game is good I'm interested. RPG-adventure really had to decide.


Online Availability: I do not know what I will do in 5 minutes, then provide my logon hours ... Once a day generally.


Free Description: Free description? Well ... now that this form is completed, I can go hunting wild trophy! Good game to you, O brave reader who has read all this, we hope to see you virtually.

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As Winston Churchill said: "I'm not picky, I am content easily the best." The best is what I'm trying to produce each of my games. The best of me, especially.

Thanks AlexisAguirrez and hpknight, I hope we will play together one time ! 

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Hey there. It's a little difficult to understand what you typed but I hope you have a great time here.  B)

I apologize, it's because I'm French. :)

Thank you for all of you guys I appreciate that ! I like this forum ! Thanks a lot. :)

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