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When do you think someone is game addicted?


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Hey everyone,


I was wondering when someone is game addicted.

Since it's vacation for me I play games a lot.

It's pretty much all i do some days.

There are other things I want to do but I tend to forget to do them because i'm gaming.

I still do things outside like go to the movies and do my groceries etc but I tend to forget the smaller things.

It's not that I think I'm seriously addicted but my own behavior caused me to wonder when someone actually crosses that line.


Do other people have this as well and when do you think someone is game addicted?

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Is it possible to be physically addicted to gaming? I'm pretty sure if you're 'addicted' to something like gaming then it's actually a state of mind rather than an actual addiction.

That's true, the correct term is video game compulsion in this case.

On topic, the point at which i'd say such a compulsion becomes as bad as a "true" addiction is when you start neglecting your own physical health for the sake of gaming.

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Addicted is a term people should stop being so fast to use.


Being addicted to gaming means you drop everything else, you don't look after yourself, don't get enough sleep, don't eat etc, non-stop playing (for 3 days or more), miss out on work/school over it.


Some people would say I am addicted the amount of hours I put into FFXIV but that isn't the case, I look after myself and my dog, eating has always been an issue with me so gaming doesn't really change that.  And I actually sleep.  I would only count myself as addicted if I didn't do all that stuff.

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Funny you should mention that. My mom told me they were talking to the mother of a video game addict on Dr. Phil today. Curious, I turned the channel and I think the guy fit the bill pretty perfectly: he was playing at least 16 hours a day, sometimes with 30 hour stretches. He was forgetting to eat, dropped out of school, and got fired from his job.


I've been playing more lately since I'm out of school and it's been pretty hot lately, but I'm not that bad. I almost always have a drink and snack handy. I have gone 16 hours before, but not every single day. I stop to eat, sleep, etc. And during school, I limit my play time so my grades stay up.

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