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Cross compatable?


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I have the PS3 digital version of this and I was wondering if this will be cross compatable. I was wondering this because some games that you get digital for PS3 allow you to get the ps vita and ps4 version for free.

No and no. There is no cross save and no cross buy either, you are forced to rebuy and replay if you want to get some more trophies for the title.

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It's because the PS4 version is a remastered version rather than a port, so if they offered that they'd make much less money from it

But the thing is, it IS a port. They didn't even TRY to remaster it, at all. This is Activision we're talking about afterall. This is literally a bundle of 2 nonimproved games with all DLC for a superbly overpriced $49.99, and for what? I bet they did it as a quick cash grab in case Microsoft puts these two up for backwards compatibility on Xbox One. I love Prototype, but this is a big no. What's even more of a slap in the face is that the games will be available separately next month, for $29.99 and $39.99 respectively, so thumbs up to Activision for trying to make the bundle look like a good deal.

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