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Limited food or not?

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Im at Day 10 now, i got 29 carrot, 5 seed, 7 berries, 8 flower  i've been searching through almsot the whole map and picked every single food, i also got 3 "things" but what do i have to do in this game? i just need to survive? i collect food and eat them when hungry and when health is low?

What i should do when i've searched through every single place in the map and there is None food left? Do the food respawn back ?

I think birds sometimes put seeds in the ground but what about other food?

Omg i just found out carrots perish after 10 days in bag

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Day 14 just got hit 3 times by tentacles.. now im at 10% health and i dont have food which restores hp, only hunger.. should i find 5th "thing" to make portal and go to new island? do i have to start at day 1 again then?  i just want survive 80 days

Stupid tentacles and monster meat.. took my hp down to 5% one hit and im dead

WAIT A MINUTE? DO i have to survive 80 days in one playthough to unlock all sandbox characters? or is 80 in total enough?? cause if i can die its sooo much easier

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Are you using the Don't Starve Wiki?  http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Guides


If your primary objective is to just survive for the 80+ days, then my suggestion to you would be to create a base camp.  You can then expand out from there - start with building a fire pit and a science machine and then build out from there.  You can create a crock pot and use the guide on the Wiki to create different food that has better restorative qualities.


I believe if you kill spiders for the spider gland drop and consume that it gives a small health boost.  Alternatively you can combine the spider gland with 1 rock and 2 ashes to create a healing salve.


It would be a good skill to learn to kite enemies into each other - you will then get other drops from them killing each other (which sometimes includes food)


If you can survive to day 48 you can go through the portal to the new world and choose WX (which personally is an easier character to use)  The days stack so you will start at day 1 again, but for purposes of unlocking the other characters - the days stack.

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