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Trophies not showing on profile

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Got the eu version of the game.

Trophys popping up but it doesnt even show the game at my list.

Anybody knows that problem and how to fix it?

According to sony's site you haven't earned any trophies in the game yet. Did you sync on your PS4?


Edit: Ninja'd by Naruto dattebayo.

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I'm getting the same issue. However, I bought it digitally for my PS3 since i dont own a PS4 and yet other games that I buy digitally for PS3 digitally have no issues at all. Not sure why this is, but it's not cool at all.

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Hey guys I plan on getting the game in a week or so, how is it compared to the original Deception 4? Also do I get D4 with the game or is it only the expansion? 

You also get the original game just added with the new quest mode but the same store mode as D4.

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