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Changes you want in upcoming patches (if possible)


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So i remember i read somewhere that a guy tweeted to Sefton Hill about the possibility of bringing challenge maps back to AK and he retweeted that they would look into it, so challenge maps could probably come in the future, hence i think if we make a list of changes we want, maybe Rocksteady can fix and add some new features to make this game better, because in my opinion this game is a bit underwhelming. I would like to see:

- the ability to pickup other weapons (stun baton, shield). So far the only thing Batman can pickup is a baseball bat and environmental stuffs (campaign only), which is rather lackluster

- new moves set and gadgets for side characters.they have been all minimalized in AK and i find it boring and lack of variety when you can only do takedown, while in AC you were given 3 moves, plus the ability to dodge takedown.

- challenge maps with all playable characters in this game.

I can only think of these by now, so What about you guys? Give me your opinion :D

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the riddler goons to unlock whole sections of riddler trophies on the map instead of just 4 at a time and not appear at random


no hallenge maps no no they finally got rid of those blasted things they should never have done them to start with they should go patch those out of previous games!!!

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