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What Should My Next Plat Be?


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O.k i have a ton of games currently downloaded to my ps3 but i don't feel like dedicateing myself to anyone of them,but the urge to get a new platnum is very strong,im just unsure what that new plat is so im going to make a poll and write down all the games i currently have downloaded to my system,whatever game yall choose i will make as my next plat.

1:Hotline Miami

2:Lone survivor

3:Crysis 3

4:Zombie tycoon 2 : Brainhovs Revenge

5:Dead Island Riptide (quick note,one of the collectibles glitched on me so i put this in the backlog but if yall think i should go back and try again for the plat than i will )

6:Batman arkham asylum

7:Prototype 2


9:Shadow of full he colossus


11:Mass Effect

12:Ni No Kuni:Wrath Of The of Hite Witch

13:Far Cry Classic

14:Assassin Creed 2

15:Game Of Thrones

16:Spare Parts

I decided not to make the poll and since my ps vita gives me a hard tme on backtracking to delete and edit stuff i decided to say screw that,also i will use a ranking system instead based off your choices.

Choose 3 of the games and put them in order from 1-3 the points givin to the games will go as shown 3points for rank 1,2 points for rank 2,1point for rank 3.

I know im kinda asking for much but your help will be gracefully appreciated,THANK YOU

I will wait 24-48hours before i count up the points.

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I"m the same way right now lol


I would say Assassin's Creed 2 and/or Game of Thrones since those are the easiest and most straight forward trophy quest ;)


1. Assassin's Creed II

2. Game of Thrones

3. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the Hite Witch

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Hotline Miami is soooooo fun. I strongly advise just playing it first, even if you don't want to go for the platinum. I recommend you do though, I got the platinum. Just a few difficult ones like the 12 kill streak but there's youtube videos on where and how to achieve them easily.

Game of Thrones is basically a play the game and get the plat (If I'm correct in assuming it's a telltale games game) and Prototype 2 is ridiculously easy but the game is meh. I've put off prototype 2 for a long time but I do plan to get it.

Ni no Kuni looks really fun and seems pretty easy but long. I would like to play it but don't have it and not feeling the spending money on games right now with my huge backlog of Plus games.




1. Hotline Miami (For super fun)

2. Game of Thrones/Prototype 2 (For easy)

3. Ni no Kuni (Fun, easy, but long)

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