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Need some tips. Stuck on Pico de Gallo (Hard)

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This was the toughest part for me on regular as well.  I'm trying to fight that quad-fisted-mad-monkey thing and his fists are invincible.  Plus there are three fire dragons nagging me.  If I take them out first I then have to deal with pinata bombs in the other dimension. 

I have purchased Intensio Shield breaker but he reads my moves regardless.  I know the game is set up that way (cheap), so how do I deal with him?


There are no videos that I can find for the hard play through so I'm turning to the resident experts!


Can anyone suggest a strategy?  Costume?  The difficulty really ramped up in this level, burned almost two hours on PdG alone. I have attached the maps if it helps.  The first one is where the fight is triggered (located near the top left/middle).






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