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is the hacker suit good or bad?


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I need to know is the hacker suit good? I mean to me it looks kinda cool it looks like the outfit he wears in dead space 3 but with the mask and I just want to know if it's a good suit to have on in main game.


When I read the thread title, I assumed it was another one of those report hackers thread. Might want to change the title to: "Is the hacker suit good or bad?" ;).

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I didn't play Ignition so I didn't have the Hacker Suit when playing Dead Space 2. However, just looking at the stats, I guess it would be a pretty good suit at least for the early part of the game. 


The stats are 15% damage resistance and 15 inventory slots. Plus if you aren't a fan of the hacking game it removes a stage from that. 

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