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Favorite mode in online FPS Multiplayer games?


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The only FPS i played for a while was Battlefield 3 and i absolutely loved playing Conquest on Operation Metro. I liked to play matches that had the biggest amount of tickets and they would take over an hour to finish.

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Capture the Relay - Crysis 2 & 3


Ground War - Modern Warfare 2


Team Death Match - COD4, Modern Warfare 2 & 3, W@W, Black Ops 2 (and maybe ghosts)


Rush - Battlefield 3


Conquest - Battlefield 3


Sabotage - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Solider (honestly, the whole MP in that game's amazing to me!!)

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Battlefield: Bad Company - Conquest

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam - Rush and Conquest

Battlefield 3 - Rush, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Conquest Assault and Conquest Domination

Battlefield 4 - Conquest, Carrier Assault, Domination and Chain Link

Battlefield: Hardline - Blood Money, Conquest and Hotwire

Bioshock 2 - Civil War, Turf War and Capture the Sister

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