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Glitched trophies?

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Taken from a trophy guide:

To get "Ahead of the Pack" at the same time use Edge or Randy Orton as they are the current world champs and pick the middle spot. Set the difficulty to legend and the time to 20 minutes. When the match starts make sure you get a pinfall on your opponent before another one comes out to make this easier. For the rest of the match just attack the Referee, break up pins and submissions to stop other people getting a pinfall. If you are struggling you could make created wrestlers and fight them. This will make it easier because they will have bad stats.


Meaning that you probably have to use edge or randy orton :/ not sure tho, was years when I platted the game but I got it no problem


PS: You don't have to play on legend difficulty 

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Been stuck on this for the last 2 days. Anyone figure this out? I tried deleting game data, i played and won as Randy and Edge on their respective Championships and still nothing. I haven't popped either trophy, even tho I've fulfilled the requirements.


Edit: Just got it. @Scorpions444 Thanks the advice you gave about placing Randy in the middle worked. Popped both. 


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