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Games that ride you insane and make you rage!


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Hey, im looking for really hard games that makes you want to rage and smash your controller to the screen, I've been thinking buying Geometry wars 3, but dont know if its any hard, Any other game recommendations? I like nostalgic games and simple games, and dont like shooting games so much, i got ps3 and ps4. All opinions welcome

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Um, okay, sure, I guess you're one of those "challenger" types.


You could try to platinum these games, for example:


  • Catherine - it has really hard puzzles and challenges
  • Persona 4 Arena - Even veteran fighter aficionados say the platinum is completely bonkers.
  • Twisted Metal - the online trophies are just insanely hard. The platinum has less than 0.3% achievement rate.
  • Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - the multiplayer mode has so many problems, you'll do just what you wanted trying to get all online trophies.
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Persona 4 arena/ultimax. You will have a great time raging and cursing a lot just like I did due to it's dead online, golden arena mode trophies that is very hard.


Spartacus Legends doubt it is on PSN store anymore but man it is really repetitive that you may scream due to boredom.

Catherine obvious reasons that other people post if it.

Hotline Miami 1 and 2

Lately the trophies load too slow for me to keep on looking on my ps3 and it is ridiculous.

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Vanquish - challenge 6 this challenge will test you to the core....I remember when I finally passed I went nuts, never felt so happy to have got a trophy.


I know exactly what you mean. Probably the biggest sigh of relief I have ever made in my entire life when I finally got it.  xD

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