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So who here have played the original N and N+?

Crzy Minus

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Very excited for N++ which is the third game of the N series. I've also have played both N and N+, have you too?


The original N is a free flash game, you can check it out here:



N+ released on Xbox 360 (XBLA), Nintendo DS and PSP too (I think), and it expanded everything that N already had.


I can imagine how much further N++ will expand from both N and N+ together.

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I played N (on PC) and N+ (on PSP) and they were great games!


I'd love to play N++ but it will be only on PS4 :( (don't have one yet)

But the developers said that if the PS4 version will sell well then they will consider PS Vita port so there's still hope.

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I played the poop out of N game. (Those days I bring my flashdrive to school and install it every time on school PC's) Then more poop out of it on psp with N+ (I even deleted my saves just to complete it again.) and then DUN DUN DUN! On Ps4 :D I was playing it every time I get a chance (lost my saves when I moved out tho :(

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