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Not sure where I am supposed to post this but...

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I remember this happened to me the night the ps4 launched in the US and I got flagged for a 15 second sound shapes ps4 platinum but I don't remember what I did to rectify the mistake so I posted here, my apologies if it's not under the right sub forum.

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I just completed the new Vol. 3 of the idolmasters cinderella girls in 3 min 42 sec and it flagged me as a cheater... I did not hack this game... what happens now?


Ah yes, if the game can legitimately be finished in under 30 minutes then Sly (the owner of the site) will have to whitelist it - he just hasn't done it for this game yet.


To Sly: Here's the link to the game the OP is referring to: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3716-アイドルマスター-シンデレラガールズ-グラビアフォーユー!-VOL-3


Also, there's the first two lists too (in case they aren't whitelisted):

The owner of the site is in the UK so he won't see this thread until he wakes up. Once he sees this he'll likely whitelist the games, if not I'll message him about it this weekend ;)

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I have been flagged for the same game :) Was excepting it to happen as it has happened to me in the past as well.

As a heads up at this stage there is still two more volumes of this series to come out this year with a high chance with a few more to follow yet

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So do games get auto-flagged if you finish them in under 30 minutes?


As far as I'm aware:


A game with a platinum is auto-flagged if done under 25 minutes.

A game without a platinum is auto-flagged if done under 5 minutes.


If it can be done legit under those times then it has to be whitelisted.

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Are there 6 planned as usual?

The seires was meant to be 25 epsoides but they spilt the series into two seasons good thing is vol 6 and 7 went on pre order a month ago for the second season of the anime so I am going to guess it will be 9 or 10 volumes

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