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retro trophy tips

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first of all the biggest tip i can give is have a stable online connection because the trophy pops only after the level and upon connecting to the leaderboards, i don't know if you are on airplane mode it'll pop but i had a bad wifi connection which stalled when i first made it and the trophy didn't pop (same happened to me with the last boss which i had to kill twice)

so yesterday i sat for 4 hours straight and finally made it to 11m without losing a life.

my tips - at the beginning work slow and try to kill each enemy and get the multiplier geoms from each one, basically you can do it until the first green enemy comes along, when the green ones show you won't be able to control the one enemy method very well so basically start shooting enemies from side to side in straight lines in order to collect as much geoms as you can, do that until you reach 1m points WITHOUT USING THE GATE "POINT BOOST" (just because when you get to 1m points the enemies spawn more so you want to get to that amount of points with the most geoms you can). once you hit 1 million points enemies start to appear from the corners, if you are lucky you'll get the light blue ones which are easy to kill, if you have a gate enemy don't use it to go through after you hit 1m, use it to bounce your shots of it, it will give you a massive point boost.

as lesk8vaincra said before you get an extra bomb after you hit 100k and 1m, and probably at 10m as well, but i can't confirm the exact amount.

use the bombs wisely preferably not before you hit 1.8-2.5 million because after using the 1st bomb enemies seem to spawn more violently and you'll end up using up all your bombs before hitting the 6m mark, using bombs kills almost all enemies if you are not in the center of the screen BUT DO NOT SCORE POINTS, so make sure you at least collect as many geoms as possible

last bit of advice, once you get to 3m-4m just try to avoid enemies while shooting towards the gates you have on the field, i jumped from 5m to 11m in about 15 seconds using this method, collecting about 124K for the light blue enemies while shooting them through the gates

hope this helps everyone!!

thanks to lesk8vaincra for helping me reach these conclusions


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I have trouble..1st game I always die after 8-9mln.. after this I am angry and die getting 2 mln points 🤣 


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