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Should i buy this game


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I'm someone who is easily scared, i hate horror games just for that reason.

Is this game more horror, or action.

And should i buy it because if its scary i never touch it again after the first level, which would be a waste of money 

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seriously dont listen to these people saying its scary its more creepy weird than anything like above post said its kinda like tim burton and a little toy story at points nd keep in mind alice in wonderlnd is all about madness anyway even the disney version and the original books but my best advice is give it a try see for yourself and seriously if ur scared of it or poop ur pants like that 1 guy in here somethings wrong nd u need to seek medical treatment im not aking fun u might have a serious illness

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I've been waiting for this game to drop in price forever. -_-

I was hoping that it's not a horror game like Dead Space and more a game with a creepy atmosphere.

Gameplay doesn't look too bad though. Kinda like a dark Jak and Daxter.

(could be totally wrong obviously as I've never played)

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