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Sly 2 (PS VITA) not working


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So I downloaded Sly 2 (PS Vita) on PS3 and successfully copied it to PS Vita. I've played it normally until 2nd mission started and error c2-12828-1 appeared and kicked me out of the game. Later, I found out my data got corrupted somehow so I deleted Sly 2 from my Vita and did the formatting with memory card then redownloaded it and copied it again on PS Vita but now it doesn't let me play at all.. After the intro, all I can see is the black screen. Any help would be appreciated.


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I've never encountered this, but here is Sony's support page for the error if you haven't checked yet.




I wouldn't recommend formatting the entire ps vita system. That probably isn't the issue. Delete the game and save data and try downloading it from your Vita instead of through your PS3.


I understand thats a pain as the Vita takes doesn't utilize your full internet download speeds (at least mine doesn't) but it's worth a shot.

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