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When do PS+ free games update?


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I've read that they update the store on the first tuesday of each month


But what time is that EST?


The store in general gets updated every Tuesday (with the exception of some titles with non-tuesday releases), and yes the PS+ Instant Game Collection is the first Tuesday of every month.


These store updates never have a fixed time, its whenever Sony gets around to finishing the update. HOWEVER, the general consensus is that Sony America updates that store region usually around 5 - 6am EST. You may hear other estimates, but that's what I've heard. I've never bothered to stay up myself for anything though.

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I was just able to download Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris for free. It doesn't show up in the PS Plus section (they haven't changed it yet) but if you search for the games that are meant to be free manually, they should be ready to download. As I said, I just got Temple of Osiris and that was shortly after midnight UK (GMT) time.

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In my experinece they update on the first week of each month on 4-7th day between 10.00am to 12.00pm. I guess i could be wrong never really paid much attention. Rarely they have a game I'm dying to get. :D


I checked at 3pm EST and it was updated


Limbo is interesting - although it's going to be a real challenge to 100% this game :o

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SCEE and SCEA are separate stores (and for the time being, companies as well).  SCEE usually updates in the morning for those in Europe (~GMT), and SCEA usually in the afternoon or early evening for those in the US.  How that translates to your particular region depends on where you live.


I'm in the US, west coast, and SCEA has been updating more consistently around noon these days, but in the not so distant past, sometimes I'd have to wait until 5-6pm before the store would update.  Compare that to SCEE, where in my time zone their last update has went live before midnight (around 7 or 8am in Europe).  Sadly though - in my experience at least - that's the only thing SCEE does well.

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