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The Descent DLC coming 8/11

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The next Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, called The Descent, will be released next week on PSN for PS4 only. Thankfully, this isn't a timed exclusive, unlike Jaws of Hakkon. This DLC takes place in the Deep Roads. Here's the announcement trailer:



Next Dragon Age DLC Announced

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Oh dear...I am still putting hours and hours in the maingame and enjoy it so much, this is just going to suck up more time xD. This dlc looks really nice, appeals to me more than the Jaws dlc. I always liked the deep roads and the ugly creatures that came out of it  :lol:

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JoH wasn't that great. 


Agreed. I just finished it and thought it was just ok. I always enjoyed the Deep Roads so hopefully this will be better. I wouldn't mind more then 4 trophies this time around either.

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