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Tips and strategy (Short guide)

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I was helping a friend of mine with the game, and decided to copy the tips I gave to him here.

There are obviously some spoilers.

Ignore the typos



If you have PS+ you can upload your save file before using VPs to help identify the traitors.




“A Forced Vote” : Complete the first 3 main quest + 2 sub-quests.

“Memories of a Lost Civilization” : Complete the 3 main quest + 2 sub-quests of the second floor.

“The Dim Metal Cavern”: Complete the 3 main quest + 2 sub-quests of the third floor”

“An Anomaly between Worlds”: Clear the 2 main quests of the fifth floor and defeat The End.



After Sub/Main quests you can chat with your comrades and strengthen their bonds with sho. Once you raise their trust to a certain level, they’ll ask you to tag along on a special quest. You start getting these character quests on the third floor.


*Taking the character you want to strengthen the bond with on quests will raises their trust level.

*There are 10 trophies related to bonds.

*Having maximum trust with all characters is a requirement for the True Ending.


True Ending

In order to achieve the true ending you need to have maximum trust levels with all characters. It’s impossible to have all bonds maximised in a single playthrough therefore a minimum of 2 playthroughs is required to see the true ending.

*Only completed Bonds carry over when starting a new game+.

*There are 2 trophies related to the true ending “True Victor” and “Chosen Possibility”.

“True Victor”: All bonds maximised/ Only traitors eliminated. (fight the end only)

“Chosen Possibility”: All bonds maximised. (fight the end + traitors you failed to erase)


Identifying Traitors

At the end of each quest sho starts hearing voices in his mind, these voices will indicate if the traitor was in your most recent battle team.

  • Access the history of the heard voices and the battle team that was with you when you heard them, and see how many voices were heard in the last quest and take note of the characters that were on that quest.


  • Now let’s say you heard 1 voice in a battle team that includes Himeno, George, Agito, Toya, and Marco, and then completed another quest with same battle team except you switched Agito with Sojiro and at the end of the battle you noticed that the number of voices increased. It’s now 3, so that’s 2 more voices. Those 2 new voices are Sojiro’s.

  • Use a vision point on Sojiro to find out whether he’s the traitor or not. If he’s the traitor Convince the rest of the team to vote against him. If he’s not the traitor, take him out of the battle team and replace him with another character and repeat the process.


Convincing your teammates to vote for the traitor.

After each quest (main/sub) random characters will approach and ask for your opinion. Convincing them to vote against other characters is really simple if you know who the traitor is.

1) Don’t take the traitors on quests and leave them in the reserves.

2) Keep repeating quests until most of your teammates vote against the traitor.

* Characters whom you maximised their trust levels are easier to sway.

* If 2 characters trust each other more than they trust you, they will not vote against each other.

* If you tell someone at the end of the quest that you suspect them, they will vote against you (you can use that to your advantage).


Misc Trophies

“Power Unleashed” + “True Power Unleashed”:

When you start a third playthrough you will be given gift points enough to complete Sho’s ability tree, and since you’ll be needing a minimum of 2 playthroughs for the platinum this trophy shouldn’t be a problem. You don’t need to fully upgrade the skill, simply unlock it. Materia skills don’t count.

“High Rating” + “Perfect Commander”+ “Mission Complete”

If you leveled up properly throughout the game, this shouldn’t be difficult.

*Mission ratings carry over between playthroughs, so you shouldn’t worry about this until your True ending playthrough.There are 6 missions on each floor (excluding Memories and character quests). S ranking Memories is also required and they will be available on your second playthrough.

*Make sure to get "Perfect Commander" before facing The End.



Play the mission “Unknown Mechanism” when you’re around level 20 (maybe lower) and pick Himeno. There are 6 enemies in the middle of the map and you can use Himenos “Searing Blast” skill to kill 5 of them.

“Sextet Ecstasy”

Easily achieved against large mechs.

Place characters with close range weapons closest to the mech Do Not Attack yet. Now place the medium/long range characters near the mech (the total should be 5 now) don’t attack. Make the sixth character attack the mech (I picked sho because everyone will most likely assist him).












“Power Overwhelming”

When you use up all your SAN (sanity) the character goes berserk and attacks anyone close to him. Use your gift and defer a lot. Once you have a berserk character, move all your team far away from him and pray he attacks an enemy.

Hope this helps.
There's a collectibles guide online that you can use.
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You can advance to Judgment without beating all of a floor's Sub-Quests.  Once you've beaten the third Main Quest for a particular stratum, Judgment becomes available immediately.


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You can advance to Judgment without beating all of a floor's Sub-Quests.  Once you've beaten the third Main Quest for a particular stratum, Judgment becomes available immediately.


Yes, that's correct.


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Finished first playthrough......saved clear save on top of my current save.



Screwed myself over when I load 2nd playthrough (tried 8 times) Nagi as my traitor for first floor...whom I need a bonding trophy from.


Can I keep her till 4th stratum....


I heard that if you keep 1 traitor till the 4th floor...they replace one of the 2 that true?


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