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Bioshock 2 DLC, where is it?


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Does anyone know where I can purchase the dlc for Bioshock 2? It doesn't seem to be on the NZ network. The only B2 content available for purchase is the Complete Pack (game and all dlc) for $48.95. I'm only after the Rapture Metro Pack and don't want to spend nearly $50 just for the dlc. I checked the NZ web store as well and still only found the complete pack.


I don't see anyway to get them from in game either.



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creating another account in another region wont work unless somebody can confirm a region where it is up, I decided to play bioshock 2 just recently too. all the dlc is gone for the game so I had to buy the complete edition, which comes with it all, bit annoying though as I had the game free from ps + so really should only have to buy DLC.


googled it and I think they took the dlc off for licensing reasons or copyright.

sorry about that though.

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The only other region that would be compatible is the EU store. I checked and they don't have it either. Buying from Ebay is not really an option for me as the shipping prices to NZ actually make it more expensive. I'll probably have to end up buying the Complete Edition. Hopefully it goes on sale at some point.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it was £5.79 in the summer sale over here in the UK.  It is back up to £24.99 now (might be cheaper on plus).


It is called Bioshock 2 Complete Pack.


I was gutted when I thought I would never be able to play Minerva's Den because of a music licence expiration.  But I wouldn't pay £24.99 for it.  Hold out for another sale, at least it is back available now.

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The complete pack is on sale in the EU store atm for Halloween sales. Its $11.24 for all the dlc & Bioshock 2. I don't need the game but its not a bad price for all the dlc seeing as you cant buy it separately here anymore. Ends on the 5/11

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