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HELP? My 1st post


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So I've just joined the site and I've read a few threads, and you guys seem to be really good at looking through trophy lists and picking out what people should play to get some more 'plats'

so please feel free to have a look and give me some ideas what to chase, I have all 3 systems

Send me an add if we can do some MP boosting on something

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From a quick look at your list I'd have to say:


Guacamelee - great and short too

Rogue Legacy - Challenging but fun

Strider - Another fun and fairly short game. 


But tbh you have loads of good games that you've barely touched so there's plenty for you to choose from.

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A quick look at your profile shows me that you have a very large number of games that you've started, but barely gotten anywhere into them. This tells me either you didn't like the games, or you have trouble focusing on one game and never get around to going back to them. Unfortunately, I have little to go on as far as what types of games you enjoy, since there are so many games that are sitting at low percentages on your list.


I would recommend you going back and picking up some of the games on your list and getting them done. Also, you could consider checking out the community "We Play" events, including this one that I am currently involved in. Overall, the key is to go after the games that you enjoy. If I knew more about your gaming preferences, I could help more. For example, I enjoy RPG's, especially JRPG's. They are probably my favorite genre. I enjoy most other genre's as well, but near the bottom of my list are fighting games, shooters, and sports games. Knowing this, someone might be more likely to recommend Ni no Kuni to me instead of say...Street Fighter IV or FIFA. So if you could give more information, the community would be better able to help guide you on the path to more platinums.

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Yeah of something hasn't immediately grabbed me I've kinda not bothered with it again. And I go through stages of trophy hunting, with some months not bothering at all

I'll have a search more on the site to find a list of easiest/quickest games just to clear up some HDD space more than anything


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If you want quick and easy games that are on your list, I noticed a few off the top of my head that are fairly quick and easy, at least in my opinion.


Final Horizon

God of War

God of War II

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy


The Walking Dead

Trine 2


Also, if you're not worried about if the game has a platinum or not, some easy 100% games include the following:




Doki-Doki Universe


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