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Transformers: Devastation presents its video playable characters

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This is probably not the most anticipated game of the moment but the Transformers universe has its small community and the studio Platinum Games to orders already provides in the minds of some the presence of a challenging gameplay and a great depth, not to mention the personal touch still small studio in the world of restoration of its productions. The newly released video shows us some brief robotic characters that can be controlled to switch in pure and hard phases of the game totally frantic outbursts of colors and equally crazy.


We would highly advise you to select the optimal settings (1080p60 if you can) to take full advantage of the visual work done on the software because the sequence of great fluidity, definitely flatters the retina (as long as the we appreciate the graphic style of course). The sequences follow one another at high speed and have the combos of characters in their two forms (vehicle and robot), all without downtime. Fans will appreciate.




Note that the fighting styles of the machines are suited to their personalities and are not alike. Therefore, Bumblebee demonstrated unparalleled velocity but by his cronies and to sacrifice in return a large amount of power. The ingenuity of Wheeljack translates meanwhile by over-use of long-range weapons. Of course, each Autobot has its unique combinations of keys. This will require a long time to fully master the entire cast.


Source : http://www.dualshockers.com/2015/08/26/transformers-devastation-by-platinumgames-gets-new-gameplay-trailer-and-its-awsome/


Scheduled for October 6th in North America, the title does not yet have a European release date.


Any comments about that game ? :)

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No EU release date? I've had it pre-ordered on Amazon from the end of June with a date of 9th October, which makes sense as it's usually a NA Tue release and a Europe Friday release. Or at least UK Friday release as apparently Europe got Until Dawn yesterday and we have to wait til tomorrow lol. Anyway, I'm looking forward to some badass Gen 1 action!

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